Love Story of Wind Orbiters

Do you know the best thing about hosting a destination wedding? Your day lasts for DAYS! It is one of the best ideas ever because all your family and friends are on vacation to celebrate your union. I just cannot emphasize enough how incredible these weddings are.

To enchant you with these bespoke events and show you their beauty, today, I will share one of my favorite destination weddings of an adventurous couple – Tram and Tyler. When I first heard from them through an email about doing a destination wedding in Key Largo, Florida, I was incredibly excited at the opportunity.

Tyler is from New Hampshire and is the only child of his parents. Tram, on the other hand, is from Texas and has a single mother and three lovely sisters. Both of them spent years living in Hawaii and enjoy doing many things together, including swimming, biking, traveling, and playing cards. As an adventurous couple, they also share a passion for travel and a deep love for the ocean, so choosing Key Largo felt natural to them. Plus, they wanted to bring all their guests who came from all over the world to a place that felt like their second home, so this destination was perfect. They even shared with me how they are working to become liveaboards on a future ketch sailboat – wind orbiter, how amazing is that?

On their wedding day, they brought both sides of their closest family & friends to Florida. Most of the guests traveled from New England, Texas, and a few even from Vietnam and Europe. The most special guest was Tyler's grandmother Bonnie, the only living grandparent on either side of the family.

The celebrations started with a tea ceremony. Tram looked wonderful in her Vietnamese Ao Dai dress, while Tyler looked amazing in traditional attire. Tram had chosen three different dresses for the separate occasions, and she looked gorgeous in all. After the tea ceremony, they changed into their wedding attire, and I captured the couple's private vows exchange by the ocean. Tram wore an A-line ceremony dress with a cape and looked like a beautiful tropical mermaid, while Tyler looked stunning in a blue suit and glasses.

We then proceeded to the wedding ceremony, where all guests comfortably sat while Tyler waited for his bride. He was all smiles when he saw Tram walking down the aisle with her mother. Tram's mom has been a single mom for ten-plus years, and it was an emotional moment to capture as they walked together. To make the ceremony even more meaningful, one of the Tram's friends – Claire, a former camp counselor, and female ordained minister, officiated the wedding. As the couple exchanged rings, everyone joined in the celebration.

Then came the most awaited part of the day – the first dance, followed by cake cutting and emotional toasts from their loved ones. Tyler and Tram's playful personalities were reflected in their fun music playlist, beautifully enlivening the atmosphere, which was adorned with a simple, elegant DIY aesthetic.

As the wedding comes to an end, Tram & Tyler choose a hail of tiny white rice grains as they make their way to a sailboat exit. Rice or grains symbolize fertility and are a symbol of prosperity. The wish was for a life of prosperity and fruitfulness, which to the ancients meant many children.

I thank Tyler and Tram for inviting me to capture timeless candid memories of their special moments. I can go on and on about how much fun and gorgeous this destination wedding was, but I will let photos tell the story!

Lastly, I would also like to share highlights from the handwritten note shared by the couple.


"Thank you for putting up with us and our crazy plans. I enjoyed having you as our photographer. You have a great, peaceful, and composed nature, and it was so easy to trust you with the most important day of our lives."

Thank you, Tyler and Tram, for your kind words!

Contact me if you are looking for a similar experience. I would love to be part of your new beginnings!